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 Monk Skills

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PostSubject: Monk Skills   Monk Skills EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 5:03 am

wtb alternate monk bars
(all for on 14 of the attrib unless stated otherwise)

Healing light = 114 heal 3 energy gain if ench 3/4 cast
Light Of Deliverance = 66 heal 6 recharge
Healing Burst = 122 heal 25 aoe heal
Word Of Healing = 4 second recharge

Zealous Benediction = 10 energy gain when under 50% health
Shield of Deflection = 10 energy, 7sec recharge, last 7sec on 14 prot
Restore Condition = Remove 1...5 Conds increase recharge to 4

Normal Skills
Orison Of Healing = 85 heal, 3/4 cast, 3 sec recharge (half of heal other but self target)
Patient Spirit = 94 heal (same as woh when above 50%)
Healing Whisper = Remove Half cast increase recharge to 3

Reverse Hex = Increase damage prevented to 67 (same as shield guardian)
Shield Guardian = Decrease energy to 5, decrease heal to adjacent allies increase recharge to 2sec
Spirit Bond = Reduce damage needed to 50, reduce healing by 10 also
Aura Of Stability = Reduce recharge to 10, change to give 50% chance to avoid being knocked down

Changes to WoH would limit spamming slightly (reduces heal per second by about 10)
Changes to Orison would promote its use in healers boon bars although is still weaker than patient, it is no longer half as strong a heal.
Healing whisper gives a instant heal similar to patient, although 1sec cast means it can be rupted, and 3sec recharge means it cant be spammed so much.
LoD would be about 1/3 weaker than it used to be, instead of about 2/3 (used to be 15 health per second, reduced to 6, change above would increase it to about 10) also still cant be used with smites, so shouldnt appear on midline.
Healing Light would be slightly stronger also to give a nice alternative in ele split perhaps, since alot of enchantments appear there also cast time reduced from 1sec so slightly harder to rupt.
Change to RC makes it slightly less strong, considering there are 11 conditions in the game.
SoD + ZB become viable options again
Change to reverse hex means if its used on guild lord would reduce more damage than it would cause (in terms of agressiveness). Also slightly strengthens it for 8v8 useage.
Aura of stab -> no longer full protection vs knockdowns.

Overall should give the opportunity for backlines such as SoD + Healers Boon, dual ZB, LoD + RC / SoD / ZB, WoH + RC/SoD
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Monk Skills
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