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 Email to the mufin company!

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PostSubject: Email to the mufin company!   Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:13 am

I understand the aim of your "4 lunchbox muffins" is to allow the muffins to stay in there most delisous form for ones child to enjoy the muffin at school lunch, but do you understand the serious impact theese "individually wrapped" muffins are having on the enviroment.

As i enjoy a muffin for school lunch on an regular occasion i see no point in having them individually wrapped as they stayed in there perfect condtion while placed neatly in my lunchbox by my mother, the only impact i see from having them individually wrapped is that it is DESTROYING OUR PLANNET, if you carry on this way, there will be no more customers for you to sell your muffin to, and thats not because its killing the plannet thats because people wont fund an organsation that is destroying the place we live!
thus i think you should change the box in which you contain the muffins and remove the individual packaging

I would also like to be informed of the way in which you deal with enviromental problems via an email,

Their reply......

Dear Kyle

Thank you for taking the trouble to contact us regarding your disappointment with the packaging on our cupcakes.

Our company is very concerned about the impact our packaging may have on the environment but I have spoken to our Quality Assurance department and they have advised me that all our cardboard packaging meets with Trading Standards bio-degradable requirements. They have also been in contact with Envirowise who give practical advice to businesses.

We wrap our cupcakes individually for hygiene reasons, and we feel we cannot pack them unwrapped loose in a box. If we wrapped all 6 together they would then have to sit in a cardboard or plastic tray to avoid any damage during transit and this would create even more packaging. Our cupcakes are aimed at lunchboxes and if we didn’t wrap them we feel that our customers would do it themselves before use.

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that our waste cardboard is collected for re-cycling and our food waste is collected and fed to local pigs.

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback and we hope that you feel able to enjoy our products.



Customer Services
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PostSubject: Re: Email to the mufin company!   Sun May 02, 2010 5:50 pm


"the only impact i see from having them individually wrapped is that it is DESTROYING OUR PLANNET" - I think you helped them understand the problem
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Email to the mufin company!
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