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 GvG on Frozen 15/4/10

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GvG on Frozen 15/4/10 Empty
PostSubject: GvG on Frozen 15/4/10   GvG on Frozen 15/4/10 EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 5:22 pm

for the last match we played today imo need to:
Spread out less (keep within range of the furthest person back of the large group of dots on the minimap) unless of course you would like monks to run between 2 people trying to keep them alive generally resulting in a death.
Push their flagger alot more and properly push him, go right to the front of their base and snare him from there, not once he is with the mainteam.
Have less random shit + crying called on vent about splits, just simply say what you need, i got called to go to split for 2 ppl while flagger + sin were there.
Realise at the mainteam fuck all is being accomplished, and alter what you are doing and where people are on the map, i.e send jaks to defend with the rit, bring matt to mainteam.
Countersplit -> send someone to their base (i.e. the ranger when defending with a sin + rit) just to make them send at least 1 person back to the base as well as potentially gain a flag advantage.
Once knights were down we shoulda made much more of an effort to split or even just aim for lord damage, but again we did very little other than stand at the flag stand or in our base getting dp.
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GvG on Frozen 15/4/10
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