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 I love Dark

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PostSubject: I love Dark   I love Dark EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 5:35 pm

LAME is a super competitive GvG guild filled with emo's, rage and rere's. Founded in early 2009 LAME has received a mixed reception from the the guild wars community. Some say they are "the greatest guild in the world and are set to win gold" - Obs. Others say "they are a bunch of annoying tits" - pete/jordy.

It is rumoured that LAME's power is derived from a great beast of unknown origin. This mighty animal is symbolized on LAME's cape and its name is spoken in reverence. Its name is Daniel.

The residents of this guild live on an island in the middle of nowhere known as solitude since they are all a bunch of loners with no freinds (see kyle)

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I love Dark
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