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 18/4/09 Match Report

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PostSubject: 18/4/09 Match Report   18/4/09 Match Report EmptySat Apr 18, 2009 3:24 pm

Match 1: Kuningas Kunta (+3)

LoD Balanced with dom mes.

Although they got me at the start of the match (had the ranger, both warriors and the dom mes camp me right at the start so I couldn't prot, cast or do anything), our team easily outpressured them throughout the whole match. Our splits could have been better coordinated, callers need to be firm rather than wishy-washy about who they want back. Although they claimed they have ATs and thus had to resign, we were probably going to win anyway, so it didn't really matter except to save them and us some time.

Personal points:

1) I forgot to change my healing headpiece to prot headpiece. Had 13 prot throughout the 2 matches.

2) Easily protted stuff as long as I didn't get diversion/shame on myself.

3) Swap to low set more often to eat shame.

4) Call for lineback faster when being pressured especially at the start.

Match 2: Know Your Enemy (+2)

Same build as us, except they have a mindshock instead of something else.

They dropped so fast that it wasn't even funny. However, an important point to note is that we shouldn't dilly-dally if we have the capability to lord it.

1) ....I don't know what I could improve back there considering they were so bad. There was no pressure except at the start and the lord room, and even then, aegis went up with no troubles at all anyway.
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18/4/09 Match Report Empty
PostSubject: Re: 18/4/09 Match Report   18/4/09 Match Report EmptySat Apr 18, 2009 5:24 pm

The two matches before these were an absolute disgrace.
Dangerous Connections (+2)
First we played a build featuring gwen, smiter and sh ele. We easily rolled them at start though we were too quick to unnesecarily put necro flag running. However once we wiped them we pushed into their base and lack of communication meant we were unsure whether to pull out through the portal or the back entrance (me and matt overcalled each other). Result was a monk wipe(infse lagged) and we aimlessly tried to 8v8 them rest of the match meaning prot got 60'ed completly unnesecarily. We then decided to split and won easily.

SuKa (-2)
Second was verses SuKa. We had conflicting strategies whether to hold base with prot or runner or just prot. We lord rushed most of the match but wiped in chamber multiple times due to collapses. Communication was the huge issue, we were not pulling out fast enough and in the end multiple people 60'd and died. Eventually they wiped monks after time and lorded. In future we might take the prot on the split. Our main problem was communication, communicationm, communication.

Personal Points:
When wiping their base, always pull out through the portal and alert the team before-hand to avoid confusion
Not underestimate how fast the lord drops
Be more decisive in certain calls, especially when we are in the lord room and they split off characters
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18/4/09 Match Report Empty
PostSubject: Re: 18/4/09 Match Report   18/4/09 Match Report EmptySun Apr 19, 2009 7:41 am

I think the only team-based point to make on the entire of yesterdays GvG is that we need to communicate better. If we go into GvG hyperactive (like usual) then we often talk wayyyy too much so its much harder to make important decisions which everyone hears.
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18/4/09 Match Report Empty
PostSubject: Re: 18/4/09 Match Report   18/4/09 Match Report Empty

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18/4/09 Match Report
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