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 21/4/09 GvG Report

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21/4/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: 21/4/09 GvG Report   21/4/09 GvG Report EmptyTue Apr 21, 2009 4:38 pm

GvG's went badly today.

vs Lowbird Academy (-2) - nh, solitude - lost alot of ground at the start when they came out front and rushed flagstand. Allowed the warriors to frenzy our backline, wiped and never recovered
vs Honourable Balanced (-2) - fc snare, solitude - vocal was pblocked at start and we wiped in <30 seconds
vs Full Metal Ganked (-2) - smite/kappaspike/bsurge, solitude - felt like every spike went through, made it very hard to pressure, wiped very quickly
vs Hail to the Freaks (+2)- balance, uncharted - rolled them in 2min
vs This Game is Dead so are you (-3)- bspike, burning - we wiped them and they wiped us at start, made the mistake of pushing their base, got wiped and downhill from there
vs Dharma Initiative (+3)- vision+lc, solitude - we wiped them faster at the start, we reacted to splits well though did let them boost once but we won with ease

Personal Points:
If they split out front on solitude, need to push to flagstand if they do before we loose too much ground (made recup hard to take down)
Killed myself once with vor
Got power attack diverted even though i saw the diversion coming in
Against bspike made multiple mistakes, should have called split faster as it seems sucessfull for us
Only one warrior attack the ball until after they aoe spike
Pushed far too hard when they wiped first time, got myself unnescarily killed when monks were out of range -need to check with monks before i push

Possibly need to lineback more when vs the first nh
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21/4/09 GvG Report
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