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 Playing with the best...

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los dopos

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Playing with the best... Empty
PostSubject: Playing with the best...   Playing with the best... EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 11:39 am

So today i was hanging out in ha when someone asked for "gvg guests r9+". Since my balls were already red from scratching i actually decided to go for some random lowrate GvG.
After getting the Guest invite i entered the guildhall and saw a bunch of random melees, a runner and a few henchies. They pinged me vent info, where i first noticed where i am - the channel was called "Borats Wormhole".
Then i was in pleasure to be witness of what "beeing on top of the gw community" must be like (should have got vent records).

Joining vent they were discussing about how bad everyone nowadays is. And that ppl think they are good cause they win against ppl.
which are equally as shit as themselves - seems like borat ist still wondering why ppl dont believe him hes actually the best player in the world.

Ok so we entered Ladder and faced #30 have fun blabl nictamere [love] and first reactions were like "WTF - resign?????" - I assume a 2011 siler cape Guild is not worth playing against when you are on top of the gw community.
So they entered the Stand and denied playing against them, wiping intentionally within 30 seconds. Cause i was playing some WC Splitbar (i'm not worth fighting side by side with the Gods of Guildwars) i randomly killed runner and forced a boost.
Guess love overpushed in the Lordchamber, died randomly and resigned.
I've not seen ppl. so excited about a win since our finals. Ofc Borat made sure that someone screens the win so he can show how awesome he is beating a top30 silvercape guild - surprisingly this was quite an accomplishment for someone who beat rawr, vD and pnh in HA every time.

Playing with the best... Gw395c

Waiting for the next match the God of Warriors gave me the hint that i should not use Voice activation. Back then in his glorious times i would have never been able to play for a top guild not using Push-to-Talk. Thanks for the advice dude. I'm so glad im just a 20k newfag who just got teached .

So, facing the next bunch of "Playersonskilllvlofmajority" demonstrated how awesome players were back then. Playing on imperial and running into a Sin and Fireele in Acid traps without weaponing himself has not been seen since like 3 years i guess.

I dont really remember everything and cba to mention every detail, but i had an epic day of:
- hold the flag for 2 mins against an A/P spike
- sending the Runner to run a Flag against
- raging at the runner whos not able to hold a 4 men split
- Awesome Wota Sins running into 2 MoI's
- and epic nostalgic Arguing about why these Players are so much better then everyone else in this Game

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Playing with the best...
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