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 24/4/09 GvG Report

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24/4/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: 24/4/09 GvG Report   24/4/09 GvG Report EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 7:32 pm

Omnisicient Energy (-3) - druids, balanced - rolled them easily but butters kept dc'ing through the match allowing boosts
Supa Kaon Action Team (-2) - solitude, typidcal suka annoyance, we tried to lord rush but they collapsed on us and wiped us which was fine until our base defenders came out portal, got timered and it we never recovered
The Frenzy Frogz Art Of War (+2)- they must have been bad cos we were awful
Bad In Game, Bad In Life (-2) - solitude, kappa/mindshock/sig spike - got wiped in 90 secs again
Takashi Karhumatella (-2)- some team we should have beat
No Flame, Its Just a Game (-3) - another balance spike, wiped fast again
Maener Ohne Wirkliches (-2)- solitude, nh - lost ground at start, 15min forcing kills through spikes but 0 pressure applied,fc rezzer meant we never wiped them, they wiped us


We were having connection problems in several matches (butters) but we were wiping before those happened. I dont like to blame matches all on the infuses, even though some were bad. Clearly something else was going wrong aswell. Some matches we were not applying pressure but i notice against spikes half the time, we never get a chance. The one hopefull thing i noticed is that when sam and vocal monked together we held up much better. Can we all put down opinions of what was going so wrong?

Personal Points:
ALOT more Spikes, especially when we are not pressuring through them and also when we are
Later on i was linebacking too much, mainly out of fear of dropping in 60sec again, beat on the monks more and let matt lineback as it usually works
Play more aggresively, when we drop someone dont relieve pressure, aim for the wipe, not the single kill,push up aggresively if a frontliner drops etc...
I had faint and did not scream for pnh few times
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24/4/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: Re: 24/4/09 GvG Report   24/4/09 GvG Report EmptySat Apr 25, 2009 1:21 am

This is what i have seen after obsing the match:

The ranger was sitting on a flatbow all game misssing rupts
The ranger did not have apply
The LC put defile on targets the warrs were not even hitting
The LC did not follow the pressure of our warrs
We lost control of the flagstand at the start of the match, they pushed right into our half so it was harder for butters to run flag without overextending
No enough spikes (I noticed this when i was playing the LoD, i was saving my sig of rage for spikes and they didnt come)
We all balled up for hexes

Personal Points:

Call Aegis More
Weapon Switching

I felt that the backlines positioning in that MowL game was a lot better than previous days when me and vocal have played together.

I did not bother writing about the other games because they were too bad to even comment on, at least we showed some improvement when we had a good backline.
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24/4/09 GvG Report
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