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 2013 Euro All Star

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Sheep boy

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2013 Euro All Star Empty
PostSubject: 2013 Euro All Star   2013 Euro All Star EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 7:05 am


Proposed Date: Too be added
Proposed Time: 6pm GMT for 1st round matches, 7pm GMT for those teams with a bye into quarters, 8pm for semis, 9 pm for finals.

All teams to try and form up 10 minutes before start time, so things can run efficiently.
(times and dates subject to change, ill prob put it to a vote)

1. Each team should play with 8 players - no henchies are allowed, recommended you have substitutes on standby
2. Only players from your country may play for your respective national team.
3. Teams may not use any players eligible for other countries.
4. The “Rest of Europe” team may only select players who are not eligible for another team and are also EU nationals.
5. Proposed Countries:

Spain + Portugal
Belgium + Holland
Germany A
Germany B
Germany C
Germany D?
Switzerland + Austria + Italy?
Rest of Europe (Poles + others)

6. If anyone plays for a team that isn't of their designated nationality that team is disqualified, NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Each team will be lead by 1 captain who will have final decision on who participates in their team.
8. Players listed as number (1) below, will be the captains.
9. In the event a player doesn't load, the game is to be replayed. If a dc happens mid game, sorry but that's too bad.
10. The matches will be unrated or scrimmage, as you prefer, taking place on the correct guild hall. Team leaders will have the responsibility to change their halls to the appropriate map.
11. You may play in any guild you like. Whichever is most convenient.
12. All rounds are best of 1 game, single elimination. Winner Progresses, Losers are out.
13. Team lists are to be submitted by (To be added) . Changes after this date can be made although please inform me via pm. (i'll look for some more volunteers this week)
14. The Draw for matches will be made on (to be added).
15. Byes will be added to complete a round of 16.
16. First round Opponents will be drawn at random, the final few teams remaining undrawn shall receive the byes into round 2.
17. Each country may put forth multiple teams of 8 provided a complete team of 8 nationals is played (looking at Germany here, no one else has enough players). If you play for a guild that gets knocked out you cannot play for your "other" national team.
18. If a match is drawn, whichever team is playing blockway looses. If it was a legit draw, rock/paper/scissors shall determine the winner (best of 3)

Donation pledges can be made and will be collected in the week before the tournament. Unlike Aspect, I'm not running a ponzi scheme and the tournament will complete.

Unless More teams enter, the draw will look like this, times may vary, obviously if every match in a round is finished quickly, the next round can commence sooner if all teams are ready to play.

Game A:
Game B:
Game C:
Game D:
Game E:
Game F:
Game G:
Game H:

Quarter Final 1: Winner of Game A vs Winner of Game E
Quarter Final 2: Winner of Game B vs Winner of Game F
Quarter Final 3: Winner of Game C vs Winner of Game G
Quarter Final 4: Winner of Game D vs Winner of Game H

Semi Final 1: Winner of QF1 vs Winner of QF2
Semi Final 2: Winner of QF3 vs Winner of QF4

Final: Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2.

In an attempt to stop people from running excessively shitty builds, the following restrictions apply:
a) Teams may not have more than 1 Dervish.
b) Teams may not have more than 2 Elementalists.
c) Frontliners may not take any form of hex remove

This should allow enough creative flexibility for teams to run a variety of options, whilst cutting out some of the more shitty stuff.

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Sheep boy

Posts : 371
Join date : 2009-03-30
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PostSubject: Re: 2013 Euro All Star   2013 Euro All Star EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 3:35 pm

Multiple pools
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2013 Euro All Star
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