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 09/05/09 GvG report

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09/05/09 GvG report Empty
PostSubject: 09/05/09 GvG report   09/05/09 GvG report EmptySun May 10, 2009 7:25 am

The Warangel Army (+2) - uncharted,nh
The Malevolent Wolfpack (+3) - solitude, lc/vor midline
I wartiste I (-2)- solitude,balanced

First match won with ease, we simply outpressured them at start and maintained our advantage throughout the match.
Wolfpack were an awfull guild who kept overextended and we had no problem pressuring through them and flawlessing the match.
Wartiste was a match we possibly should have won. We tried to force and early boost by splitting off the Ranger, warrior and runner at the start to the flagstand. They responded with a mirror split though our split dominated theirs. Then a bsurge collapsed our split from the mainteam which a)was not called from mainteam and b) was not seen from split. The time it took to collapse was approx 5 seconds. This wiped our split and although we would still win 8v8, our midline had constant dc's.

Personal Points:
Call collapses earlier, especially in that kind of situation where the split has small time to react
Prevent the collapse from happening by positioning myself between main team and split?
Spiked down in frenzy again Crying or Very sad
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09/05/09 GvG report
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