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 GvG Report 07/06/09

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GvG Report 07/06/09 Empty
PostSubject: GvG Report 07/06/09   GvG Report 07/06/09 EmptyMon Jun 08, 2009 8:59 am

Flood Industry (-2)- solitude, dual ranger with bsurge
Axis Nova (-3)- druids, balance with hero smiter for dom mes and a derv
Sayonara Shinigami (-4)- imperial, dual para with a palm sin

First match we got flawlessed very quickly. We forced the battle to the flagstand. We had decent pressure but our backline got spiked out before we started achieving kills. We need to use the walls more against these sort of teams and then we should not suffer too much pressure. Reed said that we were too spread out and he was running back and fourth to heal us.
Second match was quite simply put, a shambles. There only source of pressure was a derv spamming deep wound and the occasional roj spike. Lots of lag was suffered this game (qq american servers) and for some reason we were incapable of pressuring them. Attempts to spike out the dervish were ruined by how every time we went near roj forced us back. And obs, nothing was purple, qq.
Third match we were slightly build wars, hexway vs dual para on imperial. again i felt we had very little pressure but our main problem waspositioning, after obsing the match we were all over the place with our casters behind our monks making it very difficult for our monks to prot anything.

Personal Points:
First match i pushed up for recup which i feel was a mistake, it did help us achieve our big pressure but if i had called the ranger to push up instead we would be less likely to suffer the early deaths.
Second match i had so much lag i didnt move half the match and i fear i ended up standing still in roj's.
The deaths we were taking did dishearten me and i feel like i played worse as a result of it, this includes less spike calling and weapon switching etc... Need to block out the deaths and continue to try and pressure.
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GvG Report 07/06/09
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