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 GvG Report 21/6/09

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GvG Report 21/6/09 Empty
PostSubject: GvG Report 21/6/09   GvG Report 21/6/09 EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 2:05 am

My car my wife (+2)Warriors, dual ele split
Its a Dude (-3)druids, axe spike
Gramy Trzy po Trzy (-2)
All our enemies (-2)
Industry of Flood (-3)
Here comes the ghetto mode (+2)
Fiery Flamers (+2)
Legend will never die (-2)solitude, dual ele split

First match was quite simple, we collapsed their e/d split with various stuff until it was 60'd then pushed and lorded it.
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GvG Report 21/6/09
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