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 30/06/09 GvG Report

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30/06/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: 30/06/09 GvG Report   30/06/09 GvG Report EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 6:00 am

Russiches Quellwasser vod (-3)- Jade, a/p spike
Oasis is for alcoholic (+3)- solitude, corrupt/mb
Capricieux Rageux Et Sauvages (+3)- solitude, axe spike
Nine Inch Veils (+3)- solitude, corrupt/mb
The Black snake (-3)- frozen, triple warrior
The Gendarmine Franchise(+2)
Where is My cookie (-2)- burning, bsurge + kappa
Hardcore Slayers (-1)- solitude, dual ranger + corrupt

We played dual ele split throughout. First match on jade was a/p spike, enough said really, perhaps try rushing everything though as we could not split normally. Jade is gay.
Vs Oasis was a pretty even match but our split got lord damage and we did a pro bodyblock of the frontdoor.
Against nine inch veils they pushed to hard as they had victoria confused etc... They wiped in footman and we kept pushing them back. At some point their runner dc'ed so sould not defend split allowing for easy win.
On forzen sly is bad at guild wars and dc'ed. We were wiping them anyway and should have won.
On burning their gay ass spike had far too much defense and the split was beat back by a pblock. We could not make progress on the split and they won on lord damage.
Against hard mode slayers their 2 melshots just hunted the split down and wiped them. No progress was made in the base so it was difficult to get out. We did wipe them in our base but that was not enough.

Personal Points:
I felt my spiking frequency was much improved.
On Jade isle be brave
I do tend to time my whirling axe when i think they are about to stance, possibly i should wait until they do actually stance.
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30/06/09 GvG Report
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