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 01/07/09 GvG Report

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Sheep boy

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01/07/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: 01/07/09 GvG Report   01/07/09 GvG Report EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 6:15 am

Cry a little (+2) - Jade, balanced with snare
Slash Rank Happy Seal (+2)- a/p spike, burning
Hoser Down (-2)- solitdue, corrupt/mb
Ixl Quivering Blade (+2)- druids, e/d split
Excitted French (-2)corrupt. solitude
Ooh Oh (+2)- burning, corrupt/mb

We played dual para. First match we faced a pug of top 50 players and actually rolled it pretty comfortably. We responded to their attempted splits well.
Against the a/p spike again we beat them easily. I got spiked down in frenzy twice but other than that we just pressured through them.
Vs Hoser Down arno never loaded in and even so we were still getting kills, easy win if arno had been there.
Vs the ele split we just rolled their backline, was easy win (why would u play dual ele split on druids??)
Vs excited french we rolled them 8v8. However when they started splitting we were in real difficulties. We responded to splits too late allowing them to wipe our lord chamber. This is the result of guests i fear. Our commnication was bad.We pushed in front eventually though it was 10min too late and we were uncertain how to respond to split. However we could not kill the backline as we had no shutdown.Hence we lost to the split. Eperience with the build should correct these mistakes.
Finally on burning it was a similar story. They were rolled 8v8 but their split caused us massive problems.They nearly lorded it twice and we could not kill in the lord pit as the monks ran round in circles. A primal would really be beneficial to collapse these splits.Eventually they made a mistake allowing us to wipe backline and end it. We wiped far too many times though due to poor communication and tactics.

Personal Points:
Dont get spiked down in frenzy vs a/p spike. Make sure i have the adrenaline for rush.
Be descive about how we will respond to splits. That was our biggest issue, whether to collapse the split or just push the base.
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Cpt'n Shitter

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01/07/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: Re: 01/07/09 GvG Report   01/07/09 GvG Report EmptyFri Jul 03, 2009 5:42 pm

dual para midline is indeed nice

personal Notes: My e-management on the ER para is a bit shakey mainly because of stand your ground, meaning i need to spam "go for the eyes!" more to keep my nrgy up, however i'll work it out
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01/07/09 GvG Report
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