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 GvG Report 03/07/09

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GvG Report 03/07/09 Empty
PostSubject: GvG Report 03/07/09   GvG Report 03/07/09 EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 12:57 pm

Shadow League (-2)- solitude, dual para
Violent Desires (+2)- soiitude, ranger, kappa, mindblast
Hoser Down (-2)- solitude, corrupt, mb
Der Zenit Des Equinox (+3)solitude, dual para + corrupt
We are playing for the (+2)- burning, dc so they resigned at start
This is PvP (+2)imperial,corrupt,mindblast
Trash Talk Formation (-3)- solitude, corrupt, mb (our prot dc)
Sistemas Y Senales Anoligocos (-2)- solitude, corrupt, mb

First match we should have won, we had no trouble wiping them 8v8. Flagger died for apparently stupid reason but that boost did not matter too much. When we were pushing in the front they slipped a warrior out, i set off in pursuit and called the team to follow. My thinking was rush was charged so i could easily catch him and then we could push hard in front. Matt was initially with me but turned around when he saw a ranger. I bulls'ed the warrior assuming matt was there and we would have killed him and the ranger posed no threat as our main team was close. Communication issues occured and i died for stupid reason allowing them to push out and we never fully recovered.
Next match we just successfully collapsed their pointless split, pushed main team for easy victory. Vs Hoser Down they split us and we were defending with ranger and flagger leaving matt to run flags. Because of this we found it very hard to pressure the main team as the paras have no shut down. We should either collapse the split or possibly defend with infuse so we can push hard?
On imperial we just rolled them 8v8 for easy flawless victory.
On Solitude we again rolled dual para 8v8 with no difficulties.
Next match was so frustrating, without a prot we took them 8v8 and we were forcing lots of kills. Unfortunately pushing flags was problematic. Even so we wiped their main team twice, boosted twice and wiped half the base (their warriors loved to primal). It came to lord damage and ofc with no healing on split we could not achieve enough. I almost died to a knight at one point but was saved by murakis reaper ps, im better than super!! Very Happy
Final Match we just got outplayed. They split us early and again loosing the ranger from the main team means we have no shutdown and monks can hide behind perma guardian. I made a stupid mistake at one point as when the teams were fighting near the portals i pushed to kill a warrior dying in our front footman. I didn’t realise the mb ele i was hitting moments before might follow so i died stupidly. There were some communication issues, especially with the flagger at times. Once i death pacted him assuming monks would push to prot him though no one did, so another stupid death. With the base demolished we could not win the lord rush at 28.

Personal Points:
Dont get soloed by a knight
Check with monks before i seperate myself from main team at times
At times i just have to train monks, protted or not, i perhaps was spiking warriors far too much in some games
I feel with dual para the main team will not make progress unless the 5 of us are all there. So either defend the split solely with healers or wipe the split fast.
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GvG Report 03/07/09
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