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 GvG report 9/7/09

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GvG report 9/7/09 Empty
PostSubject: GvG report 9/7/09   GvG report 9/7/09 EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 4:09 pm

Little Bad Planet (-3)- solitude, dual ranger + corrupt
We drink red bull for (+2)- jade,axe spike
Anomynous Amateurs (-1)- solitude, corrupt, mb
Get Quaked (-2)- solitude, corrupt, mb
Fatal Hero (+2)- uncharted, necro heros + dual ele
I wanna be a SUPERSTAR (+2)- Nomads, balanced with bsurge

First match away on solitude we rolled 8v8 at the flag stand. Then they split off a ranger which we didn’t notice and the split wiped two archers, our knights and an archer in the chamber. This allowed their split in and out of our chamber and we did not have much hope of preventing this. We let them boost for no reason, i fear communication issues between the flagger and the rest of the team. From there on we never came up with a decisive course of action cos they were all dual stanced and we needed our team together to actually pressure and kill. Anyone any ideas of a potential tactic?
Next match we took them 8v8 and rolled them. We over capped their dual run and we had dual ran ourselves.
Against AA we put ourselves at a disadvantage at the 2minute mark. They capped while the runner was party healing and then icy shackled him when he pushed the flag in so we were a long way behind on flags. We possibly should have dual ran or again communication issues to get the ranger to the flagstand. We were wiping them with party heals and dying without them. When they forced the boost at 8minutes we sort of collapsed and fell apart. The match was lost due to powerplay at the flag stand?
Vs NOW reform we commenced battle at the flagstand and we should have pushed up onto the flagstand instead of standing around at the bottom. They wiped us pretty convincingly.
On uncharted it was pointless hero necros with eles. We pushed at main team carefully defending the ele split. Hex stacks are gay but we did not struggle too much to spike through the main team and kill lord.
Finally Nomads was an easy match vs balanced. We just wiped them 8v8 while they could not pressure. I was blind half the match Mad When we are collapsing on splitters or overextended, one warrior needs to collapse on them and the other needs to hit the monks?

Personal points:
Got spiked in frenzy vs the spike team a few times, need to watch their warriors a bit more
Worry about the flag more, falling behind on flags IS important
I don’t spike enough when facing a bsurge, just gotta spike without adren (or yell at the monks more)
Something i noticed vs aa's monks, they dodged a lot of bulls by moving and stopping for no reason other than drawing it out. As we get higher ranks need to play around that more.
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GvG report 9/7/09
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