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 GvG Report 17/10/09

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GvG Report 17/10/09 Empty
PostSubject: GvG Report 17/10/09   GvG Report 17/10/09 EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 7:21 am

Started playing 1 war hexway i think:
Some Jap Guild - Warriors, Heroway with necros and rao thumpers - i was half asleep, didnt call a full split, should have, we just got rolled main team
The Slepinir - Warriors, sinsplit - just rolled through them without thinking too hard while prot held base
We rule u [sux] - wurms, ele split with me/mo instead of flagger, really hard to know what to send back, we were dying all over the place, so difficult to push main as so much damage in our base. We need a strategy of how to play against this.

Switched to balanced i think?
Rolled a rank n/a in 2min on imperial, they asked our real rank Very Happy
Dead game is dead - Jade - balanced, we wiped them without difficulty
No official Argument [NoA] - burning, 28min match vs dual para, they wiped our mainteam 8v8, we managed to get chamber down on split but lost on lord damage, needed runner on the split sooner

Switched to gear spike:
Kaine ft tailor swift - frozen, ele spike, We spiked out our main team within minutes while flagger defended our base. When in their chamber i called for the team to push in and get knights + bodyguard rather than pullout. This resulted in a large number of our team getting timed. Was gettting the npc's down worth this if they did not have time to finish the game or possibly even kill knights? We were lucky that our ranger had gone for gate control so they had to go round buying us time. Definately a strategy we could use when collapsed on frozen in the future. Is it worth wiping chamber in exchange for a few times vs a split team on frozen????
Les Saucitto de Ghetto - imperial, cripshot, mb and kappa - they pressured us out very quickly before we could start to get kills. We always have problems vs this build when playing gear spike. What tactics should we employ in future??
Mens Samo in Corperano sano [mind] - dual para, warriors, we were outspiked very fast, i called for a split very early with little response. Should have tried longer to outpressure them?

FFS - Frozen, ele split vs ele split - outsplit, we did manage we wipe both knights but they kept collapsing us and dp'ing us as well as generally holding the centre far better than us. 1 ele kept slipping behind us when we were pushed back in base and took down the entire lord chamber. We ran one build that obs had never played before, stupid idea and should not be repeated in future at's.
Dirt - Jade, 1 war hexway/condipressure vs gear spike. We rushed out the portal, killed the flagger then pushed their base in an attempt for flag advantage. However when they collapsed we pushed for knights killing one and wiping rather than just pulling out. This was just plain dumb After that we were trapped in our base whilst they freely boosted. We got 1 or 2 kills though i dont think we could have wiped them as had every anti-melee hex in game on me for most of the match. Lamest -23 we will ever get prob.
Les Saucios de Ghetto [Krtn] - solitude, ele split vs dual para - lame match, we wiped their chamber, boosted twice, had flag advantage and took almost 0 deaths in the first 12 min. Then our snare dropped and we had no movement control so they could freely push our base and eventually kill lord. Only thing to say about this match really though is LOL GAMER!!!!
Jump in and find [out] - uncharted - ele split vs dual para - i dont know exactly what happened on split but they were fail at responding to it and we killed the lord fairly early

Main Points:
We are just too slow at responding to collapses or calling collapses. Many times we keep taking unnesecary deaths because of this. Me and Val calling opposing strategies at times does not help.
Need a strategy vs super aggresive ele split with me/mo flagger
Need a tactic to beat mb/kappa midline with gear spike
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GvG Report 17/10/09 Empty
PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 17/10/09   GvG Report 17/10/09 EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 9:15 am

its hard to have 1 counter for a build, since teams will split their team up differently, but having the prot follow the me/mo (if pnh) and flagger follow the eles (1 ele and me/mo should be fine for prot to hold can also send ranger to help him...) then if an ele collapses on mainteam (a solo woh monk can wipe to this + a war + a ranger) then the flagger can follow, while the prot defends with the ranger still... again if the me/mo collapses ranger / flagger should be enough to defend vs the eles...

For the dual ele thing with the mb in midline, increase the shutdown on the fire ele if u keep wiping, since he has most of the aoe damage that will cause pressure depending on positioning... also try and rupt apply poison (assuming they have it) again if you are being pressured out... not sure why this build is so effective vs gearspike tho... u have tpiy helping monks energy vs the caster dmg, while your own water ele limits the dmg their physical targets can do...

i think any game u lost was because of a lack of LoD also Smile
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GvG Report 17/10/09
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