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 GvG Report 06/06/09

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Sheep boy

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PostSubject: GvG Report 06/06/09   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:20 am

Circle Of Mastery (+2)- Meditation, Balanced with Bsurge
We Train Noobs To Be Jedi (+2)- Imperial, e/d split
Les Belles Envouteusses (-2)- Solitude, Balanced with snare
Just a Yellow Lemon (+2) - Frozen, Dual ranger + shatterstone
Kuningas Kunta (+2)- Frozen, Weird split
Horus of Darkness (+2)- Warriors, Quadruple Frontline

First match was pretty simple tbh. For the first few mins was a pretty even match but they wiped us and we were pushed back from the flagstand. Obelisk control was crucial. Once in the front of our base though we pushed back hard,regained the obelisk,wiped them and for the rest of the match they were stuck in their base. We pushed well and ended the game.
Second match we faced a terrible ele split. When matt was at the flagstand we wiped them. When matt started collapsing the split with ranger and runner again we wiped them. Had no problems this match and it did not take long to 60 the split, push the base and win.
Third match was by far our hardest. We pushed down to the flagstand, fought 8v8 and backline wiped very quickly. From there we were pushed right back into our chambre, they collapsed on matts suicidal split with too mmany characters allowing us to actually wipe them in our base, however we pushed to hard into their front footman and when they ressed we wiped quickly again and it was game.I may have made a mistake this match, when we were wiping them voice died at the flagstand, i ressed him in the hopes he could snare something that we could time. This may have been a mistake if he wanted to base res and run a new flag.
Next game was vs dual ranger on frozen. I dont feel this match was going well at all. The split failed to call a collapse and our split wiped. From there we were trying to push out of our base, nto sure how sucesfully we were doing that before their 6 dc'ed and they resigned. We got lucky i felt.
Next match was fought vs a terrible random split. We pushed their base hard and defended with prot and flagger. We wiped their npc's as they failed to collapse until it was too late. When they finally did collapse we fell back to base and flagstand, they pushed flagstand and i saw an oppurtunity, called for the ranger, ran across the bridge and soloed the guild lord.
Final match was also a bit of a joke. Fought on warrior we just rolled their quadruple frontline and it was over quickly.

Personal Points:
I know i have a tendancy to push quite hard when they take a death. Sometimes i am worried i push too hard or dont call i am pushing hard.
I am swapping more regualarly than previousl but its far from perfect.
I want to learn to move when attacking.
I controlled my frenzy in all of these games.
I have a habit of aggroing the footman when i shouldn', part of this heavy pushing.
I want to be watching what sets the midline characters are sitting in to ensure spikes are called on those in 40/40's.
Need to call more for defiles?

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Cpt'n Shitter

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PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 06/06/09   Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:19 am

personal points, use 40/40more and not too much in defensive set.
edit: try to save VoR more for balling foes
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Sheep boy

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Location : Sheep land

PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 06/06/09   Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:26 am

Drill try and 40/40 inspiration as well as domination. Also possibly call who you are humming.
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Mr Muscles

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PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 06/06/09   Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:28 am

erm, if drill is playing the vor, 40/40ing stuff is not very important for him co there is no chance of an interupt, like u could consider keeping the half recharge time but change the mods for the half cast time to something more usefull.

personal points:
1.remember to change armor when im playing a sword bar
2.lineback a bit less?, particularly in the matches in which we are taking minimal pressure.
3.when we have pushed them to the point that they have to run a flag through us to put the flag i, dont try and completely collapse on the flagger when he has like fuck loads of pots and a wow on him as we did this too many times in certain matches and as a result we lost a lot of ground.
4.erm, solo cripslash split is strong?
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Fashion Designer

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PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 06/06/09   Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:55 am

I owned.

Weapon switching down n shit.

Got myself a blood ench set to keep shit up.

No problems. Purple shit is still purple.
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PostSubject: Re: GvG Report 06/06/09   

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GvG Report 06/06/09
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