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 05/06/09 GvG Report

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05/06/09 GvG Report Empty
PostSubject: 05/06/09 GvG Report   05/06/09 GvG Report EmptyTue May 05, 2009 3:49 pm

Regnum Francorum (+2)- Frozen, mb split
Are You Serious (-2)- Solitude, nh
i illiminatus i (+3)- solitude, lod balance
We bought Plan C on (-2)- solitude, kappa/ele/smite spike
Les Amazones D Ascalon (+2)- solitude, me/w/mo split

First match was easily won. We wiped there main team, collapsed split then wiped their mainteam again and lorded it.
Against the nh we totally failed to achieve kills and hence they swiftly outpressured us and we were unable to regain ground.
Against illiminatus they wiped us fairly quickly at start though we recovered in the lord chamber, got some timekills and managed to push them back to their base. From there we responded to their split attempts well and hence won.
We got completely rolled by plan c. We were incapable of killing and dropped in <1min
Final match was won but our field awareness was bad. We totally failed to respond to their initial split resulting in a wipe of the chamber. From there we were forced to follow their split around and dp them out though we were too late responding to the splits that it could have cost us the game.

My final point would be that matt and possibly others and too willing to resign. Just because we wipe once does not mean we will wipe again and there is plenty of oppurtunities to pressure them out in chamber/split/base monks etc.... Resigning too early will cost us some rating and also there will be no chance to learn from mistakes.
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05/06/09 GvG Report
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